Your Journey Starts Here

Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn the science and the art of drumming with these Free Drum Lesson Series. Every person on this planet deserves the life changing gift of music and music education. Together, we can make our world better one lesson at a time.

Gospel Drum Fills Series

Designed with laser focused intent, these lessons could have you playing these INCREDIBLE fills by Sunday. Simple patterns that are easily learned but will make you sound like you’re a top level pro! I will show you video proof of how fast this system works.

Learning to Read and Play Drum Charts

Any drummer can land a gig…but what about keeping that gig? Or getting even better gigs? Drawing upon my own experience as a Professional Drummer who consistently uses drum charts in the line of duty, I will teach you how to read, write, and play along to drum charts. It’s never been easier to learn than right now.