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Professional Session Artist Drum Loops

Drum Loops and Play Along Tracks are your one stop solution. Whether you’re an artist, producer, or performer, These Drum Loops & Play Along Tracks are ideal for

  • Recording
  • Writing Songs or Music
  • Live Performance & Productions
  • Churches without a Drummer


Highest Quality Drum Samples

World Class Recording Engineers work hand in hand with us to achieve the most diverse yet highest quality drum samples for our clients. With variations and nuances others miss, our drum samples are what many up and coming producers turn to.

Our Drum Sample Library is growing continually as we expand our borders to meet the demands of a global clientele.

Professional Performance & Play Along Tracks

Our team of Professional Studio Musicians will revamp cover songs, create new versions, or create music for your lyrics. Our Play Along Tracks are ideal for young musicians wanting to practice with great musicians. Extended riffs, bridges, and choruses ensure that you’ll be playing a lot more and hitting the “Play” button a lot less.