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Bret Walton is a Drum Instructor for Guitar Center #442

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Bret Walton teaches drums at Guitar Center 442, Houston, TX Bret Walton Drum Instructor Resume Bret Walton has taught for Percussion Center, Groove Music School, and now teaches for Guitar Center #442.

Have you always wanted to play drums? Perhaps you already play but would like to improve your skills. From beginner to advanced, Bret Walton teaches from one end of the spectrum to the other.


Bret’s Track Record

He has taught for

  • Percussion Center
  • Groove Music School
  • Guitar Center


With both curriculum based and student specific lessons, Bret has enjoyed educating devoted individuals all aspects of drums and drumming. His teaching career has included private lessons, group classes, drum and music camps, and recitals. He is available to teach any and all of these.

For Drum Lesson inquiries, please call Guitar Center at

Phone: +1 713 952 9070