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With decades worth of producing, writing, and recording behind it, your project will stand up on its own in the marketplace. Bret has produced album and recording projects in Nashville and Houston, working with top session players, and understands all aspects. You can expect quality drum and percussion tracks and loops done professionally with a fast turnaround time.


Overcome Challenges with Integrated Solutions

The world is rapidly changing and even the rate of acceleration appears to be accelerating. Many artists and bands are opting to skip the hassles and record from their own home studios. The same is true for producers. If you work in this industry, that could be the reason for your visit today.


Need a Studio Band? No Problem

There are times when there’s just not enough time. For example, you have a song or piece of music to record and not enough time for your group to work it up. Get it done right with our team of professional session players. Experienced in all genres and styles, our recording crew has worked with major label artists in the studio and live. Isn’t your project worth it?